Mommy Blues? Here’s How To Fix Them!

The Top 5 revisions you should make to your schedule ASAP for a better you…

1)Wake up Early

                I know what you’re thinking. What? You want me to get up even earlier? But yes sis, I do. Waking up before your children allows you time to fully arise and plan your day before lunches need to be packed, the baby needs to be changed and your son can’t find his equipment for practice. Give it a try for a week. Once your body adjusts to the new schedule, you’ll be so thankful you did!

2) Plan Ahead

                As much as we all wished children came with a how-to manual they don’t. We’ve got to figure this thing out with patience and experience. However, we can avoid some of our stresses by planning ahead for those things that can really get under our skin.

For one day go through your regular daily routine. Everything that frustrates you, write it down or text it to yourself. Daughter couldn’t find her shoes; when she comes home today make sure she knows it’s now a rule to take off her shoes at the door and put them in her shoe cubby. Son forgot he had practice tonight at six, and you don’t get off until five; make sure he keeps a spare “practice bag” in the car. Crazy morning, got to work and you have no lunch nor lunch money; Is there somewhere at work you can have an emergency lunch set aside? Think office desk drawer or staff refrigerator.

3) Accept Help

                If there’s one thing about us mom’s we have got to be one of God’s strongest creations. Not only will we get things done, but with a smile on our faces, all the while we are on the verge of a mental breakdown. Look friend, it’s not a competition of who can stress themselves the worst by taking on the world, and you are no less of a woman/mother/wife by allowing someone to step in and help.

 Let your significant other cook dinner. So what if he only knows how to cook Taco’s… Let Taco Tuesday be his day to cook and the day you’re free from dinner duties. Is there a mom on your kid’s sports team that you trust? Maybe the two of you could take turns transporting the kids. That gives you both a break and the kids would absolutely love it!

We Got This!

4) Socialize

Raise your hand if you’re a part of the “Work & Home Club”.  You know what I mean. If you’ve ever said “I’m not stopping anywhere but home and No, I don’t care that my gas light is off” raise two hands. I know how tiring it can be.  Trust me, I am a single mom of two (ages nine and two.) I work full-time, go to school and have some sort of football engagement 3-4 nights a week. But somehow, we’ve got to make time to socialize with other people over the age of 21.

5)  Take Time For You

Last but so far from least, it is non negotiable that you squeeze in “Me Time.” You can set a few hours a day once a week to hang with your favorite girlfriend. Go get your nails done, set a lunch date or go for drinks! Not into that sort of thing? Take a walk through the park, find a place for meditation or my personal favorite, silence and prayer. Whatever your “thing” may be, take some time and make it a priority.

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Remember sis,

You owe yourself the love that you so freely give others.