It’s not him it’s you

Isn’t it always a site to see when the student becomes the teacher?

At a point I personally feel as though I’d met an all time low. On the outside looking in most people couldn’t tell, but those closest to me knew the person they loved and knew wasn’t living to her full potential. Not even close…

One day in deep conversation with one of them, I was told “I don’t get what you’re not seeing the problem is you! “

She must’ve caught on to the look of disapproval and offense plastered all over my face because she quickly explained;

You sit here, as such a dope woman questioning what you did wrong. Wondering why a person who is not on your level, continues to do things that as you say are “beneath y’all.” Yet he’s beneath you! He’s doing exactly what people of his caliber do with those who are actually in his lane. Sis, you’re the piece of the puzzle that doesn’t fit and hopefully you never will!

Playing back that conversation always makes me smile. The circle of life at it’s finest. Because not too long ago, I was the one with all the answers.

Moral of the story is,

Sometimes people around you can see the greatness in you, that in the moment, you don’t even see in yourself

It’s ok to fall down or lose your spark… Just make sure when you get back up you rise as the whole damn fire

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