Brain Dump

I know what your thinking…What is a brain dump and why is it crucial to my success?

Imagine this…

When you went to bed on Sunday night you felt accomplished! You rocked it this weekend girl & you even managed to get some self-care time in!

However, when the alarm goes off Monday morning you remember everything that needs to be done at work, the dishes you forgot to wash late last night & your son’s coach just called an impromptu parent meeting.

As the morning progresses you find yourself rushing through your routines and your work is starting to seem real half ass.

Pause sis-

For starters, we don’t half ass ANYTHING that we do. We are walking ambassadors for our own brand and it just won’t be tolerated. It’s time for a brain dump!

Find a quiet place and jot down everything that’s running through your mind like a two year old on a sugar high. The bill you forgot to pay, the call you forgot to make and the laundry you couldn’t possibly switch over being that you’re at work. Nothing is too minor to go on that list! Give yourself sixty seconds and just write until A) You run out of things to write B) The timer goes off.

The final step in your brain dump-RELEASE. Everything that was distracting you is now out on paper and you can address it at a more appropriate time. A time when you can actually do something about it. Close your eyes count to ten and breathe.

It’s Over

If you followed all the instructions you should be feeling a whole lot better. Straighten your back, don’t tilt your head, the crown cannot fall and go kill your day!

Have you tried this? Did it work for you? Comment your Brain Dump experience below